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Sensei Ali Parvinfar


        Sensei Ali Parvinfar


Some basic details of Sensei Ali Parvinfar

Date of Birth  16 September 1968
Current City  Manila, Philippines


Question: How you join Karate?

Answer: I started karate when i was 14 years old when I saw at school my close friend he was flexible and super strong he made to join karate (shotokan) under Sensei Abe Keigo Organisation.

Sea Games 2017(3 Silver 4 Bronze)


Question:  What you had achieved till now in sports as a Coach?

Answer: Till age of 25 I was in my country, later after persian gulf war when Kuwait set free I started working as a coach in different government clubs in Kuwait. It took 14 years staying there and after that went back to my country then later i had an offer to be coach of Philippines national team. From October 2011 to till 2018 I worked as national team coach in Philippines and after getting married there still living in country. My athletes had many medals in sea games also medal in Asain games. I think an athlete or coach must be dedicated to karate and should have full support to perform the best.

                   With his Medalist Karateka
Question: What does your daily routine look like?

Answer: Daily routine as a coach depends to preparing the team if there is tournament twice a day training as program, mostly taking care of team.

Question: What does your diet and nutrition plan look like when you’re bulking up or getting in shape during training?

Answer: My diet during coaching was normal nutrition and because my habit was train with my athletes I was always on shape.

Question: What have you learned about teamwork from your past experiences on your teams?

Answer: Team work is most important thing of course in our field. Its not only coach and athletes who do the job, even administration & medical etc. Have great role in this.

Question: Describe your major highlights and achievements in sports in the past.

Answer: I personally had many medals in nationals of my country and had no chance to join our team due to hectic sked I had. But after starting coaching in Kuwait had this chance to play in open tourney and got 2 different times gold medal in kumite and silver in kata.

Even coaching in Philippines as national team coach didn’t stop me to participate in tournament. So when we travelled to turkey for training camp and participate in tourney I decided to play also in masters division and I got gold in kumite and gold medal in kata.

 We wish him Good Luck for Future. OSS


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